BUY or ADD CREDIT To:  "DirectConnect U.S.-to-SXM" SERVICE"

(Personal U.S. Number that Forwards Your Calls to SXM)*

Please use the order form below if NOT renting a cell phone from Sharon Harris. If renting from Sharon, order "Direct Connect to SXM" from this link.


STEP 1 OF 3:  

A. Order Using PayPal:

Click the down arrow, then Choose From:


B.  ORDER BY MAIL (NO Handling Fee for Checks): 

     1.  Request any amount of call credit and add $4.95 setup fee.

     2.  Send check to Ron Frankel, PO Box 843, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.                                                                                   

     3.  Get Personal U.S. Access Number and Account info. within 5 business days of mail received** by E-mail after receipt of your check.


STEP 2 OF 3:  Please be sure to advise your callers, or record a voicemail on your US phone(s), to tell your callers that:

... You can be reached by calling your personal (CallSXM) US phone number (Give them your personal U.S. number!!). Callers don't use a Pin # or SXM phone number. Their call to our U.S. phone number just rings in SXM.

You also can use the home and/or office call forwarding service that you already have (*72 on, *73 off) to call our U.S. DirectConnect number, which then will ring in SXM. (Ask your local carrier - some cellphone and economy landline plans may have a per minute local forwarding fee).



As soon as you you know the following, you MUST email it to: Direct .

-The SXM phone number you want your US calls to ring at.

-Your SXM arrival date and hour**.

-Your SXM departure date and hour**.


* We will respond to your order as quickly as we can, usually earlier than the timing stated above.
** If you do not provide us with the hour of your arrival and departure times, your service will be activated by 3:00 p.m. on your arrival day and deactivated at 12:00 noon on your departure day.