callSXM: Finally a unique calling choice to St Maarten!!


NOW OFFERING "Direct Connect-U.S.*-to-SXM" Phone Number service:

Calls to your personal U.S. phone number ring directly on your St. Maarten phone!


Extremely user friendly:

-Simply give your callers a U.S. phone number assigned for your personal use.

-Your callers do not need to know where you are, know any Pin numbers or do anything other than dial a U.S. phone number to reach you in St. Maarten!

- This is most useful when you don't know in advance who might want to call you while you are in SXM, for frequent callers such as family or office, and for elderly /less technically inclined callers.

- Setup** : $3.00 for Sharon Harris's rental cell phone customers - CLICK HERE -- Others, $4.00 - CLICK HERE .  



Our very low rates :

Purchase $10.00*** in calling time, get 65 Minutes to a SXM cell phone (15 1/2c per Min.) or 90 minutes to an SXM landline.

Purchase $5.00 in calling time, get 30 Minutes to a SXM cell phone or 40 minutes to an SXM landline.




* Canadian users without free access to U.S. telephone numbers can be issued a personal Canadian access number for an additional $1 (email us).
** Setup includes issuing a temporary, personal U.S. phone number for your callers (we choose area code). Different / toll-free area codes are available (email us).
*** $10.00 or more calling time gets our best rate. All our per-minute rates include both Incoming Personal Number usage, and International Forwarding Charges. Purchases valid for up to 60 days during your stay in St. Maarten (More info).